Essentially Paper has arrived…

Welcome to Essentially Paper, we’ve finally arrived and we are happy to have you!

Our products are all handmade with loving hands here. It may seem like an odd paring… essential oils and delicate strips of paper, but for us it has changed our lives.

Quilling has been a part of our lives since 2012. Being a stay-at-home mom is the best job I ever had but I wanted to make sure that art and music were a strong component in my children’s lives. I thought that my oldest child would be able to quill with me after picking up a Klutz book called “Twirled Paper” only to find out that he did not have the fine motor skills to do so at the age of 3. Turns out all these years later, neither of my boys care to quill at all, but they will rip out an awesome collage with any left over quilled pieces I have kicking around.

January of 2016 brought about some scary bumps in the road with my health. After months and months of testing and multiple diagnosis, I remained adamant that I was not interested on taking any new medication and I wanted off of what they had put me on. I was determined to find something to help me that was not pharmaceutical in nature. I was hardly able to quill during this 8 month fiasco and it felt like a huge loss in my life and I was terrified that I would never be able to quill again. I was willing to try ANYTHING if it gave me my life back and allowed me to be the mother, partner and artist I once was. It was then that a very persistent friend of 15 years once again ripped out her bag of Young Living essential oils and encouraged me to give it a go… again.

I finally gave in and I started my journey with Young Living essential oils. I’m fairly sure that I haven’t looked back once. I started studying any and all information on essential oils and very quickly gained a mountain of knowledge and a desire to put it to use. As any good researcher will tell you, I tried a variety of different brands of essential oils looking for the ones that gave me the best results. Every time, for me, I went back to Young Living essential oils. I think most people have a hard time digesting the cost of essential oils when they first begin. In my case, I was willing to try anything that a doctor wasn’t peddling and I literally invested in oils.

Due to many health issues that I have and unfortunately passed on to my two children I started there. It seemed like we were getting sick less often and generally feeling much better overall. I started making little take home concoctions for friends and family. For the most part everyone was responding well to the different oils I was picking out for them. It was then that I was going to try and help a family member who was dealing with a large “umbrella” diagnosis. I studied all of her health information and dove into every book and resource available looking for a little bit of help for her with my essential oils. This little adventure turned into a large box of essential oil blends, liniments, diffuser blends and her very first diffuser. I had no idea if she would be interested in trying it so I was taking a really big chance on this. I wanted to make sure she had all of the information she could possibly need so I ended up writing a 57 page ebook on all of the different oils and how to use them. Her experience with essential oils has changed her life as well. She now owns multiple diffusers and has her own collection of essential oils and still puts in an order here and there for products that I hand make that simply change the quality of her day to day life.

Everyone has a different experience with essential oils. For some people they are the solution and for others it simply isn’t for them. I know it is important to have an open mind, walking in and saying this has the potential to help me vs. I’ll try it but I’m sure it isn’t going to work for me will most likely give you different results. Having an open mind to any holistic approach is a big part of a positive experience. Some people find that they get relief or comfort by using the oils topically, some people enjoy the health and emotional support of diffusing oils in there home, and there are some people who ingest essential oils and they swear by them. For me, I am a heavy diffuser and topical user of oils. I have not yet become comfortable enough to ingest essential oils and in the end that’s ok. I will strongly encourage anyone using essential oils to know where they came from and make sure that they are intended for internal use. Not all essential oils are equal.

Months later I am finally able to pick up a quilling tool and go to town and well enough to start a new website that can highlight my love for all things essential oils and quilled paper art. Due to the crazy amount of requests I get I found it easier to start up a store front for a few reasons… The first is that I make my products in batches. It generally takes an entire weekend to make a batch of liniments. The reason it takes so long is that I hand whisk each 2oz tin as the base of carrier oils thickens and then I add the essential oils once the mixture is cool enough to protect all of the properties of essential oils from the heat. In doing this I also make sure that the essential oils are distributed properly throughout the mold.

I also starting making the essential oil blends for people who need an on the go solution to their oiling needs. I make them in a variety of sizes and there are inexpensive trial sizes in case you want to give it a go before jumping in head first. These make it easy for people to use the oils daily and discreetly while on the go and we are now offering silicone sleeves in our store that allow you to put a glass bottle into the silicone sleeve which protects your bottle from breaking if they are dropped. Each silicone sleeve comes with a self securing strap that allows you to attach it to your key chain, purse or gym bag and comes in four awesome colors, blue, pink, purple and lime green. Each blend was created after doing a LOT of research to make sure that the right oils were being matched to help with different issues.

On top of all of that I have an excessive amount of quilled paper art at my house right now that needs a new home. A gallery that sponsored my art for over a year and a half sadly closed their doors after they were given a new and difficult set of circumstances. So, all of these pieces that I have created are everywhere in my home and I decided that I would offer my art in my store while I start my new series of quilled works. The more I sell turns into more money to buy supplies which in the end means new quilled pieces will be on their way.

I hope you enjoy your visit here to Essentially Paper and I hope you’ll take a little trip over to our online store and have a look around. As an added bonus we are offering a coupon for $5 off your purchase using the code ‘WELCOME” and for a limited time I will be including a small free gift with purchase. One lucky person will also get a small quilled framed piece of art with their purchase. The order number was randomly selected so check your package to see if the order number was yours.

Thank you all for taking the time to check us out and embrace our wonderful world of essential oils and quilled paper art. We hope to be around for a long time and help people along the way.

<3 Love!