Killer Pain Killer

Killer Pain Killer Essential Oil Blend available at Etsy online @EssentiallyPaperShop

Killer Pain Killer Essential Oil Blend

Roll this blend over areas that need a little TLC because this essential oil blend is packed with a huge pain smashing punch. This blend was created with carefully selected essential oils that have been shown to help the worst of worst pains.
This essential oil blend contains but is not limited to the following carefully selected oils;

Wintergreen, kpk-229x300 Killer Pain Killer Essential Oil Blend available at Etsy online @EssentiallyPaperShopsoothing to muscles and joints as well as having anti-rheumatic, anti-arthritic and anti-spasmodic qualities.

Marjoram, which offers muscular support as well as being a natural analgesic, antispasmodic, nerving and sedative.

Dorado Azul, has medical properties that include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and a respiratory stimulant.

Killer Pain Killer also contains but may not be limited to the following Young Living essential oil blends;

Cool Azul; has a wonderful minty smell that can help to relieve tired muscles after a workout to help prevent muscle fatigue.

Panaway; has been shown to reduces swelling and inflammation while promoting healing and increased circulation. This particular oil has been found to be particularly helpful with bone pain.

Relieve It; offers relief from sore muscles and pain found deep within the tissue as this blend is high in essential oils that have been found to have exceptional anti-inflammatory properties.

The best place to apply this oil is directly over the area(s) of concern. Apply after a shower while your pores are open to allow deeper penetration of essential oils. If you can’t apply this oil after a shower you can apply a hot compress or heating pad to the area of concern after application to help the oils go deeper into the tissueskpk-eob-300x177 Killer Pain Killer Essential Oil Blend available at Etsy online @EssentiallyPaperShop

Each essential oil blend bottle come diluted with a carrier oil for immediate adult use. Killer Pain Killer Essential Oil Blend that is available in a 10ml roller top bottle that you can customize with a pink, blue, purple or lime green silicone case.

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. This product is for external use only. Use caution when exposing your skin to the sun especially if using any citrus oils. Keep away from children.

You should always perform a patch test with any new product. Take a very small amount of this product and apply it to your skin, watch the area to make sure that you have no adverse reaction to this blend of oils. If you do you should cease use of this product immediately and contact a health professional if your symptoms don’t resolve.

Obligatory Disclaimer

This information is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated or endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration or Young Living.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a medical professional.