Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis Essential Oil Blend now available in our Etsy store @EssentiallyPaperShop

Plantar Fasciitis Essential Oil Blend now available in our Etsy store @EssentiallyPaperShop

We are not doctors! We can’t tell you if you have PF or any other condition. However, we can tell you what Plantar Fasciitis is and the different methods of dealing with it. Our opinions are our own and the only thing we can tell you to do is if you are having pain you should see a medical health professional to get a proper diagnosis and information about how to recover from your diagnosis.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

PF occurs when your plantar fascia becomes inflamed, irritated or injured. Your whole body is made up of muscles and connective tissues. Connective tissues include ligaments and tendons. The ligaments and tendons are responsible for keeping any moveable part of your body attached to your body. The Plantar Fascia is a ligament that connects your heel bone to your toes. You have soft fleshy tissues white-2598260_1920-300x200 Plantar Fasciitis Essential Oil Blend now available in our Etsy store @EssentiallyPaperShopsurrounding bones like your heel. In this situation we are speaking of the soles of your feet. The soft tissues and the Plantar Fascia absorb all of the impact of every step you take every day. In most cases, the Plantar Fascia is highly sensitive and irritated when you get up first thing in the morning. This is why it is important to obtain and closely follow detailed stretches from a certified physical therapist or other medical professional. It can take 6-8 months to recover from Plantar Fasciitis, so, following a routine laid out for you by a professional is necessary for a full recovery.

Let’s talk about shoes! I am horrible and I wear flip flops even though I have taken serious falls from them, lost my footing resulting in broken bones and I have seriously neglected the arches of my feet. Why do I continue to do this to myself? Convenience. However, a few minutes here and there securing safe and supportive shoes to my feet can reduce and prevent injury and undue trauma. The best person to talk to about what shoes you are wearing is a Podiatrist or a dedicated foot insole store professional. They will have the ability to measure your foot and find the pressure points when you walk. Which will get you in a pair of shoes that counteract the improper stride or position of your foot. All while giving it the proper arch support and structure of the shoe. It is important to seek professional foot support help if you are serious about relieving your pain. Using orthotics that are ill fitting or not right for your posture or gait, can actually cause more damage in the end.

There are alternatives to expensive foot wear. We can’t tell you which is better because we believe every situation is an individual experience. One alternative is a “foot sleeve” which is a compression type sock that you wear on your foot where your toes are exposed but the sock goes up over your Achilles Tendon for more support. These socks help the foot from flexing unnecessarily while you sleep or go through your day. Sometimes flexing can cause spasms which only exacerbate the pain in your foot. There are also foot braces. You can find these in your local pharmacy or large chain stores that have a first aid department. Foot braces that generally hold the foot in one position or prevent it from going past a 90 degree angle.

Another great resource is a foot roller. This is a small round device that allows you to rock your foot forward and backward to massage the tissues in the foot. Some of them are freezable or you can make your own using a small plastic bottle that you freeze on your own. Remember to leave a little space at the top of your bottle when filling it because ice expands.

When dealing with any kind of pain it is suggested to alternate heat and ice on the effected areas. usually 15-20 minutes on then 15-20 minutes off, ideally alternating heat and ice during the “on” periods of time. Do not go directly from heat to ice or vice versa.

Elevating your foot above your heart will allow any excess fluid that has built up in your foot to be cycled out by your own body. Circulation is key here. Let your body work and heal itself. By using this type pf elevation you are allowing your circulatory system to move that stagnant fluid and inflammation right out of the limb. You will notice often that the limbs are where people begin to retain fluid and that is because it is easy to pump the fluid into the limb but without elevation it is difficult for the body to move the fluid out of the limb. Gravity at play. It also gives you a great reason to put your feet up and just give them a break.

Giving your feet a rest is a perfect segue into the next suggested method of healing your Plantar Fasciitis. If you overwork an injured part of your body you know it simply does not get better. Or if it does get better there is a possibility it can be misaligned or have other healing problems, possibly even physical deformities that you can see. These deformities may effect the way your shoes fit in the future or create other hurdles for you to overcome in your recovery. We urge you to follow the recovery plan laid out by your medical health professional.

If none of these remedies have worked or if you want to try essential oils before some of the other options we have created two different methods of use for you. There is a roller ball application and an orifice top. This essential oil blend should be applied using a roller ball top or by pouring some oil into your hand and then applying it onto your foot (orifice top). If you choose to use a roller ball you will be getting the massage benefits and oil benefits simultaneously. You should start at the toes and massage up the bottom of your foot really pressing and prodding into the tissues of your foot allowing the oils to penetrate and begin to work for you. Continue the massage over your heel and up your Achilles tendon. This will help to pull the fluid from the foot back up into the body to be properly filtered back into the bloodstream and out of the body. Make sure that you get good oil coverage regardless of which product you choose.

Thank you!