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All of our products have been handmade in one way or another. We have worked as hard as possible to make sure we are providing the best quality products at the most affordable prices possible. If you need something you don’t see, please feel free to go to our shop page find the category you’re looking for and click on the custom request item. It is free of charge and it will allow you to get in touch with us to begin the process of making the right product for you and your needs.

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Use these links to get the information about our products that you want to know more about. If you still have a question that we didn’t answer please fill out the contact form on any of the FAQ pages.

Essential Oil Blends

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Quilled Paper Art

We would like to take a few seconds to tell you about the companies that make us look good and make our products amazing…

All of our quilling paper comes from one place… the best place!

Little Circles Quilling

You can find free tutorials, sign up for emails, look at some amazing quilled works that site owner and quilling extraordinaire Erin Curet has created as well as the quilling shop she built from the ground up.

Have you fallen in love with our printed graphics like the one at the top of the page? Well we have, and Puma Otter prints is where it’s at! We are obsessed with the amazing intricate artwork and that is why we hired this phenom to make prints just for Essentially Paper. If you want to check out the amazing art by Puma Otter just click on the link below. You won’t be disappointed.

Puma Otter Prints

All of our essential oil products are made with the best essential oils from Young Living. Please see the disclaimer below. If you’re interested in starting your own journey with Young Living we would love to sponsor you, so click the link below.

Get started with Young Living

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