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An Essential Oil blend is a carefully selected group of essential oils that have been combined to help address issues from mental clarity to help with pain relief. The oils in each blend are used because they have been identified as having qualities that could help someone cope with a variety of circumstances. You should always seek advise from a medical health professional if you have any questions or concerns about your health or how to treat the onset of any new symptoms or any pre-existing condition.
Our products come diluted for adult use. Essential oils have different dilution ratios depending on the age of the user. If you think that an essential oil would be helpful for your child we recommend you do two things First and most important, the best person to answer this question is your child's health practitioner. Your child's doctor will know what is best, medically speaking, for your child. Second, we recommend that you do your research around the essential oils used in your blend and allow yourself to become more knowledgeable about individual oils and the effect they have on the body.
We use Young Living oils in all of our essential oil products. The only part of the product that does not come from Young Living is the carrier oils found in both the essential oil blends and the liniments. We use a variety of carrier oils and if you have a special need or have a preference please reach out to us to see if we can customize your essential oil product.
The essential oil blends come diluted with a carrier oil to make it safe for adult use. The oil is diluted so that it is safe to use on the skin, however, unless you have used the specific blend previously you should always do a patch test to make sure that you have no skin sensitivities to the blend. To perform a patch test apply the essential oil blend in a discreet area and monitored for any inflammation, irritation, reddening or discomfort. If you do have a reaction to any essential oil you should cease the use of the product immediately and if your symptoms don’t improve or are severe contact a medical health professional.
DO NOT wash the area with soap and/or water. You should take a carrier oil and apply it directly over the area that you applied the essential oil blend to, wipe the oil off with a dry cloth and repeat as necessary. If you place an order with us you will see a section where you can purchase carrier oils with your order. If you do have a reaction to any essential oil you should cease the use of the product immediately and if your symptoms don’t improve or are severe contact a medical health professional.
A carrier oil is usually a vegetable based oil that dilutes the essential oils to the right strength to make them safe to apply on the skin. We use many different oils like fractionated coconut oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil among others.

We know that some of our blends are aimed at helping to reduce pain and oils like Arnica oil and Magnesium oil have been identified as helping to reduce pain and inflammation and if you would like them added to your mix among the other carrier oils we can do that for a very small fee. We also offer the option of purchasing a small quantity of Peppermint and/or Wintergreen to be used with your essential oil blend as an extra additive to help with pain relief. Both Peppermint and Wintergreen have been identified as helping to alleviate pain symptoms and can be helpful to those who have chronic or severe pain.

It should be noted that these oils can cause skin sensitivities and should be diluted and not applied directly to skin. It is also important to remember that just because these oils have been identified as aiding different conditions they should never substitute proper attention from a medical health professional especially if you have severe or chronic pain.

Our most popular and most requested size is a 10ml roller top bottle. These bottles are the easiest to tuck away and used on the go. Using a roller ball top allows you to apply the oils directly where they need to go and it also allows you to quickly massage the area during application. We also offer a 5ml orifice top bottle which does not have a roller ball. Instead, the oil comes out in drops that you can put on the palm of your hand to apply or allow the bottle to drip directly over the area of desired application and then you can rub in the oil where you need it. We are also offering trial sized bottles that are 3ml orifice top bottles, this is a cost effective way to try the blend to see if it works for you without a large investment.
The cost of the essential oil blend is directly related to the oils that are included in the blend. Some oils are very common and are readily available to harvest. There are oils that are available on a seasonal basis because of where they are grown or harvested and lastly there are oils that are rare or take a long time to properly distill to get the best product to you the first time. We are very comfortable saying that if a blend is expensive it is because it contains the best oils that we can get.
Research! We encourage everyone to independently look into essential oils and their benefits before making a decision to buy a blend. It’s also important to make sure that you consult your healthcare professional to make sure that essential oils are an option for you and your individual circumstances. We try to identify and bring attention to important individual essential oils that we use in the blends and highlight the important healthful properties that have been documented components that oil. If you have questions about any of our products please contact us.
Every person reacts differently to essential oils and you may need more or less of one or many different oils in your mix. You may also need another oil blended in that does not come included in your mix. The best way to figure out what you’re missing is to look into essential oils and their properties and see if you can pinpoint what you think may be missing. Educating yourself about all oils and the possible positive effects they can have upon your body is not only recommended we highly encourage it.

We are sorry but we cannot accept returns on essential oil products because they are considered a “personal care” item and we would be unable to use your oil for health and sanitary reasons. If you’re unsure about a blend or a specific oil we encourage you to ask questions before you purchase. We want you to be happy with your oils and if you’re not we would like the opportunity to help you adjust what you have.

If you research essential oils for a specific purpose and would like to see if we carry that oil we will happy charge you a small fee for the oil and shipping. If you do not want to continue using your essential oil product we encourage you to share with someone you know who may benefit from the use of an essential oil blend. We will do what we can to make sure that you have a positive experience with our products but please remember we cannot diagnose you or make suggestions based on medical conditions this is why we urge you to look into essential oils and their components on your own.

Yes! If you are nursing or pregnant you have to be careful about what oils you are using. Discussing them with your midwife, OBGYN or primary care physician will give you the best answer for your individual situation. Some oils should not be used by people who have epilepsy or high blood pressure. The other major precaution you need to be aware of is that some oils, mostly but not limited to citrus oils can increase the likelihood of getting sunburns and you should take all the precautions necessary to protect your skin from the sun especially after using blends containing citrus oils. If you have questions about our products please ask but we want to urge you to care for your skin in the sun regardless of your essential oil usage so it is always best to apply sunscreen and keep the areas of your body that you applied oils to out of the sun for 12-24 hours.

If you are looking for pain relief from your essential oil blend it is best to apply it directly over the area of concern and then apply heat to drive the oils deeper into the skin. You can reapply the oils as needed. We have found that when we use oils for pain that apply some oil to the back of your neck right under the base of your skull, we have had even more success but that is our personal experience. The thought behind this placement is that the oils that have been identified to fight pain that are included in your blend could also contain components that can interrupt the pain signals coming from the brain down the spinal cord.

If you are using your essential oil blend regularly for maintenance purposes like “Immune Boost” for example, you can apply this oil to the bottom of your feet and throw your socks and shoes on and start your day. Or apply it at night before you go to bed to the bottom of your feet. The reason we recommend this type of application for this is because oils get absorbed quickly from the feet and it is easy to do a daily regimen if it is right next to your bedside on a daily basis.

Please remember any time you put oils on the bottom of your feet they will become very slippery when wet or on slippery surfaces. If you use oils on your feet please use extreme caution when getting into a tub or shower or other slick surface.

If you are using your oils for calming, focus, energy or meditation you can apply your oils over the crown of your head, on your temples, behind your ears, on your spine, on the back of your neck and finally on your wrists. Most of these oils are meant to be smelled regularly so applying them in a place where they will get into your system and still offer you the benefits of the essential oils aroma.

Right now we would say that the majority of our oils smell delicious, but everyone is different. If you get an essential oil blend and you do not like the smell of it you can still use it and get the benefits from it. This is where you would again apply the oils to the bottom of your feet and then throw your socks and shoes on or go to bed. All oils can be applied to the bottom of your feet and again it is a very popular place to put oils especially when taking the flex points into consideration.

Please remember any time you put oils on the bottom of your feet they will become very slippery when wet or on slippery surfaces. If you use oils on your feet please use extreme caution when getting into a tub or shower or other slick surface.

We have to say it is probably one of the best essential oil accessories that exist! These are sleeves that go around your glass bottle that allows you to take it with you for easy application on the go. It can be hung by your key chain, attached to your purse or backpack or even included in your gym bag for use after exercising. Not only do these sleeves make it easy for you to transport and apply your oils on the go but it protects the glass bottle from breaking, which unfortunately does happen from time to time. On top of all that you can currently customize your bottle with a blue, purple, pink or lime green sleeve available in our store.

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These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a medical professional.

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